Twins Gym Capoiera edzés



Capoeira is a historically traditional Brazilian martial art which combines elements from self-defense, combat sports, acrobatics, dance and from music. By moving the whole body it's rather complex but on the other hand it contains vastly easy culture of movements. Located in the III. district in Budapest we welcome everyone in our Gym with a warm familiar atmosphere, who wants to try this kind of training being an experienced athlete or a beginner.

Capoeira has a uniquely rich world of moves which not only nurse the body but the soul too, which means that after the 'dancing' trainings we experience a refill in our body and soul. Lately it become really popular in Europe because along the sport the dance and music, we inevitably perceive the Brazilian culture and its way of molding a community together.

Our capoeira trainer will help you to pick up the basics of this acrobatic martial art, then after some deeper knowledge you can show your creativity and improvisation skills. We welcome you in our light mood group trainings at Budapest at Twins Gym.

Here are some beneficial effects of Capoeira:

Improves speed and reflex: On of the main objective in capoeira is how fast can we escape from an attack. Regular trainings will improve our speed and reaction time.

Increase body flexibility: Capoeira dancing will move every part of your body. By bending, twisting and stretching our body we develop some flexibility in muscles and ligaments.

Boost the heart and circulatory system: Multi-direction continuous movements increase the strength of vessels and heart to. On normal capoeira training you will burn up around 500 kilocalories.

Improves stability and coordination: Research studies have shown by the University of Minnesota that by practicing with our upper and lower body throughout balancing with our hand or feet doing fascinating capoeira moves will increase coordination skill as well as stability.

Upper body strengthener: In capoeira through the big variety of moves we often use our upper body muscle system, let just think about a cart-wheel or a hand stand where our whole body weight is focusing on our hands which is why capoeira strengthens the forearms, shoulders, chest and back muscles.

Registration is not compulsory for capoeira. Simple training clothes will be needed for the workouts.