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Hajdu Dóri


I am working as a trainer since four years and have started my career in Hungary's first official CrossFit gym, in CrossFit Budapest in the beginning of 2012. Thanks to the variegation of CrossFit training system, I feel comfortable in execution and teaching of kettlebell, TRX, weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and athletics.

I am a professional competitor in elite category participating on several domestic and international contest. With the help of CrossFit trainings, I would like to help people to change their life to be healthier and better. In order to help them to be fitter, not to get a problem to put a baggage on airplane or just lift up the grandkids, in order to feel better themselves. To be more fresh, beany and vivid student mothers fathers.

Throughout my trainings what is important for me is gradualness, mobilization and the appropriate and precise execution of techniques and movements. Beside these things good vibes, a great team and community is essential for everyone in order to get out for some hours from the treadmill of everyday life, to feel better and to act for better life.


CrossFit Watt competition - Gy?r 1.place

Scitec Muscle Beach - Balaton Throwdown 3.place

Battle of London 2013,2014

Brussels Throwdown

Central European Throwdown

CrossFit Wroclaw Team Invitational 3.place

Italian Throwdown 5.place

Fanatic Adriatic Throwdown 4.place

Istanbul Throwdown 5.place

Serbian Throwdown 2.place


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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